Today : Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Psychology is a branch of empirical sciences the department is trying to introduce to students and train them in a scientific manner. The department of psychology is a new department with high potency. It has formally started with the general psychology field in 2005 at the undergraduate level admitting 44 students. A number of sub-fields at the graduate level started later: general psychology in 2011, family counseling in 2012, educational psychology in 2013, and clinical psychology in 2015. Also, at the doctorate level, the department has announced its readiness for admitting PhD students for the year 2015. There are 11 faculty members at the assistant or associate levels. Many of the department's graduates continued their education at the MSc or PhD levels and or are holding university or non-university jobs related to their fields of study. The department offers laboratory, measurement tools, library, and Internet sites in order to help faculty members and students conducting their research. In addition, aiming to raise the scientific and research levels, the department applies all its potency to have a scientific relationship with the accredited scientific research-oriented institutions outside the university. The atmosphere of the department is very friendly in order to attract, help, and guide students toward a hopeful future.    

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